1I am 21, am I too old to enter the Maxwell Motorsports & Driving School?
Students 19 and older are eligible to take our 36 Hour Adult Driving Program in which you can qualify for the Tennessee Road Test. If you feel this is something you don’t need then we offer Private Driving based on hourly rate of $75.00.


1What documents do I need at the DMV and where do I go?
Please download this 7 page document that contains details about applying for your license in the Memphis, TN area.

Click Here to download the PDF with DMV required documents and locations.
2Can you give the state road test?
Yes we can. We have met strict guidelines and The State of Tennessee Department of Safety has licensed us as a Cooperative Driver Testing Program Agency. The student needs to be 15 years and 10 months old or older at time of DRIVING test, completed the 30 hour class with a passing grade, and have held a Tennessee Written State Permit more than 6 months prior to the students date of birth (16 years old) to qualify for the DRIVING Test with Maxwell Driving School. The 36 hour course has to be completed in 24 weeks.
3Can you give the state written test?
No we cannot. As of December 29th 2017, no driving schools in the state of Tennessee are allowed to give the state WRITTEN LEARNERS PERMIT test. All students must take the state WRITTEN LEARNERS PERMIT test at the DMV. The driving school prepares all students to take the State Written Learners Permit Test at the DMV.
4Do you offer other types of driver training programs?
Yes, we do. Please check the main menu of this website.
5Do you provide stick-shift or manual transmission driving instruction?
We no longer offer Stick shift driving at our school. The primary reason there is not enough demand to warrant the expense of the driving equipment to teach Stick driving safely. We can not use personal cars to instruct for they lack the equipment we need to instruct safely.
6Do you provide transportation to class?
No we do not. You will need to come to our training facilities located at the Agricenter International.
7What are the qualifications of your instructors?
All of our instructors are certified by the Tennessee Department of Safety as per state law. Several of our Instructors are also certified Instructors from the National Safety Council. In addition many of our instructors are fireman and police officers and teachers.
8Why do we have to provide social security numbers?
It’s federal law. U.S. Code Title 42, Section 666, Paragraph 13, enacted in 1996, requires social security numbers to be recorded for "any applicant for a professional license, driver’s license, occupational license, recreational license or marriage license."
9Why do you charge more than the other driving schools?
We are the only driving school in Shelby County that has a full-time office and a classroom that is dedicated for driving classes only. We have full-time staff to answer the phones and answer any questions that you may have. We have new software specifically designed for scheduling our students none of the other schools have this. Call any of the other driving schools and see if you can come by their offices to fill out paperwork and you will find out they don’t have an office.

As far as sparing no expense asks the other driving schools how much have they invested in equipment and facilities to train drivers? We think you will be surprised at how much they spare no expense.

We also own our own classroom equipment such as projector TV’s and overhead projectors. All the other driving schools do not offer any classroom or borrow a classroom that is used for other purposes.

Our cars are used just for driver training and nothing else. For enhanced safety, we have yellow strobe lights on front and back of vehicles. Other equipment is in-car video, out-car video in addition to GPS on all our vehicles. We do not use them for personal transportation.

We also have invested in five driving simulators that cost over $20,000.00 a piece. We also have a device that we designed and built to simulate a 7 MPH frontal car crash this Car Crash Simulator cost over $25,000.00 to design and build. We are the only driving school in this area that has them.

We also have invested in DUI equipment. Each student performs a field sobriety test and we then put glasses on him or her to simulate being drunk at the .07 level and then they perform the field sobriety test again. Most schools even if they do this stop here. We go farther with it. We have them drive a golf cart through a cone course then we have them drive the cone course again with the goggles on showing them how their driving ability goes down rapidly.

We are also the only driving school that detonates an airbag for each class to show the student how powerful the airbag is. We have video surveillance in and around our office and classroom.
10Why do you use driving simulators?
First of all these are not like the simulators that the school system uses. We strive to give the student the most comprehensive driver training. We would be glad to send you a brochure on the S-2300 simulator. As far as this being a substitute for driving these are the state of the art driving simulators. The United States Armed services train their pilots and tank crews on simulators. In addition Federal Express trains all their pilots on simulators. It allows us to put the student in situations that they may not ever get into and it also develops muscle memory, which is vital in an emergency situation. For the novice driver the transition to driving on the street is less stressful and they get more out of the street driving instruction. People react the way they are trained in an emergency situation. Driving is a building block process and the use of the S-2300 driving simulator is part of the building block process that allows us to make the student a safer driver.

The S-2300 offers a strong structural steel frame and support base, as well as actual automotive steering column and components, which are engineered to be robust and reliable, even under strenuous use. Our S-2300 system offers fully textured, high resolution, 3-dimensional graphics producing life-like images. It offers complex, unpredictable, multi-car traffic interaction, which exposes operators to the rigors of driving on challenging modern roadways. The S-2300 incorporates realistic vehicle dynamics, which are designed to ensure the simulator’s acceleration; braking and handling characteristics accurately mimic those of a real car.

Comprehensive training and fully accredited curriculum specially designed to assist students in learning "how to drive" is offered with the S-2300. It offers over 30 different lessons with over 240 driving scenarios and virtually unlimited "free driving." The S-2300 has been designed and produced to cover everything from pre-drive checks, how to operate a manual transmission, rules of the road, scanning principles and defensive driving techniques to avoid collisions, identify hazards, drive in adverse and impaired conditions. We can also check the medical conditions of individuals that have had strokes or brain injuries.
11Why is there a charge when I cancel a driving lesson?
We do not want to have to charge you for cancelling a driving lesson; we just want proper notice ahead of time so we can fill the gap.

The more advanced notice you give when cancelling the less likely you will be charged.

Our new scheduling system is set up to provide rescheduling and canceling. It will provide a time stamp and from who makes the changes as long as they have the password.

The only time we can catch a phone call is during the office hours which are noted on the front page. The office is closed on weekends. Our Instructors are not part of the office personal that check incoming calls.

Please, if you need to reschedule a driving lesson don’t hesitate. No matter how short of notice it is, it’s always better to call and let us know rather than just not show up to a scheduled driving lesson.

NOTE: There is no charge to call ahead to cancel in plenty of time. You still can come in and make an appointment to help complete the course. Just note that everything has to be completed in 20 weeks and rescheduling appointments can be difficult due to full schedules, especially in the summer time.
12Why is there a charge when I don’t show up for a driving lesson?
We still pay our instructors for the lesson. We book our lessons in advance and reserve time with our instructors. When you do not show up it causes the instructor to lose hours and often have an empty gap in their schedule. We also have to take the time to reschedule the student again and we have to pay the instructor again for driving lessons that should already be completed.


1Do you need a permit to come to the school?
No you do not. Your child can come to our school which prepares them to take the State Written Learners Permit Test at the DMV.
2Do you schedule driving times over the phone?
To reduce mistakes and better serve all students we now offer convenient 24/7 online scheduling using the portal by clicking here.

Presently the only driving time we make over the phone is the Tennessee Road Test once the student has completed all other requirements and is still within the limits of 20 weeks of the program.
3Do you still drive when my child is scheduled for a driving lesson during bad weather?
Unless it is extremely bad weather we will continue as scheduled. It is better for the student to experience different weather conditions with a trained instructor rather than having to experience it on their own the first time.
4How do I schedule driving times?
After you have registered for a class you will receive an email with login information for our online scheduling portal.

Link To Step By Step Instructions
5How long do you have to hold a learner’s permit to take the road test?
The student has to hold the learner’s permit for six months and be 16 years old to be able to move up to the Restricted License.
6If I miss one day of class do I have to make it up?
Yes please get with us and we can reschedule the class time.
7Is the driving done during the week of the class in the summer time?
If you have a Tennessee State Permit at time of class it is possible to schedule simulator and some driving after class time. No, if you do not have a Tennessee State Permit at time of class.
8We are interested in your driving school for our 14 year-old son. However, we are residents of DeSoto Co., Mississippi. Is he eligible to take the course?
Yes, he can take the course. We cannot give the state test or the road test for another state. We are not certified by the state of Mississippi. We can issue the Certificate of Graduation so that you can receive a discount on your child’s insurance, if your insurance company allows it. The student will gain knowledge of driving and become a safer driver.
9What do I need to bring to class.
You need to bring a pen or pencil to take notes. You also need to bring a notebook in which to take notes for class. If you have a Lerner’s (Learners – spelling error) Permit we need a copy. Same for a Social Security Number, it is required by law for us to be able to send your paper work to the state. A light jacket since the classroom can be cool at times. Lunch is only for 30 minutes so you might want to bring something to eat or snack on.
1010 When the student attends driving school class, when are they required to get a learners permit to take the DRIVING test with Maxwell Driving School?
The student will need to have the Permit before the last driving date AND hold the Written Learners Permit more than 6 months prior to the students date of birth (16 years old) to qualify for the DRIVING Test with Maxwell Driving School.
11Why should I send my child to a driver training class?
The leading cause of death for teenagers is not drugs, its not guns or violence. Its car crashes. A classroom of school aged children die every single day in car crashes. Last year in Tennessee 200 teenagers died in car crashes. You want to give your child the best chance of not getting involved in a deadly crash. Our course will give them that chance.
12Will my child actually be driving six hours “Behind the Wheel” with Maxwell Motorsports & Driving School?
Yes, your child will receive six hours of behind the wheel driving with our instructors. 2 Hours behind the wheel will be on our S2300 Simulators. 4 Hours behind the wheel are on the road based on student driving skills.
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